Thursday, July 19, 2007


Fuh, what a lovely day I had today... First of all, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER!!! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Anyway, today we’ve planned to go to Midvalley to watch HARRY POTTER! Gosh, it's been years since I've been there! But not much has change and it's nice to go during the weekday without the crowd. Around ten today, the six us crammed into my little kancil! Sorry ibu! Don't think of it as a stupid thing as I've considered every aspect of it in my head beforehand. The plan was to go only the four of us but then Diana invited Lilian and WenLi to join us. Of course I don’t mind but since early on I’ve started to calculate how we're going to go... Eli and I wanted to go by car, but Sofiya and Diana felt like it is rude if we go by car and the two go by KTM. And at first Za'im want to join but once he heard there's going to b six girls he canceled. After considering every aspect of it, I decided to drive, but slowly. And seriously, today I was like, really extra-cautious. Usually with Asilah and the girls I admit I don’t pay that really much attention on the road but today I was like, really calculate my every move and alhamdulillah we arrived there and returned back to Inti safely.

Anyway about Harry Potter, I really didn't want to watch it with a pre-decided perception of it. I didn't actually read any review except those from mouth to mouth of the people I know. See, I read the book so it's like a MUST to watch the book you read come to live on the silver screen. But as I was watching it, I got to admit; the one thing I don’t like about it was the directing. Like in music, I would pay extra attention to the production and same goes to movies but for me it is extra obvious that the direction was a bit... not so good. My favorite still got to be Goblet. That's nice...

All in all, the day was quite okay.

Actually a lot of Intians went to Midvalley today as it's the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sembilan's birthday so it's a holiday here. I do know that Taufiq and the guys were there too but we didn't bump into each other. Only later when I asked Nik that he said they were sitting in front of me in the cinema!
I was quite tired driving today so when I came back to my room, the thing I did was slept at 9. Ahh, it felt so good. But then I woke up to do some chatting. Around 11.30 I got a message from my ex-school mate, Ali, and he invited me and my friends to go for supper at the mamak bistro outside. We agreed as there's a hidden agenda somewhere there for my roomie... It was fun I got to admit. They were so funny and I miss my guy friends back home so I really felt comfortable as I'm used to being in a group of guys... Let's see, there were me, Sofiya, Diana, Elly, NUR Luqman, Ali, Haniff, Imran, and Iman aka Chili aka another Muadzam student. And now it's like 2 in the morning as I'm writing this and I have class tomorrow at 9 so I think it's time for me to go to bed... *yawns*




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it was totally a great night for me.
i owe u one :)