Friday, July 13, 2007


On Thursday we had our second General Psychology class. I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on a copy of our text book. You see, it's really funny. When our other lecturers asked us to buy text books most of my classmates don’t even bother n instead borrowed them from the library but for psychology only after the first class and they had bought it! Social Science students, of course all of us were interested in psychology than chemistry or computers. But unfortunately I was too late and the book was sold out at Inti Book Centre (IBC). I got to wait till Monday. Anyway, that day's psychology class was just an 'eh.'. Not so bad, not so good. There are some things that I do not agree with Dr. Fulton. I felt like going in a debate with him about the day's topic but I know it won’t end in the course of two hours. He made it sound like being considerate in a society is a bad thing for eastern civilization. Or maybe I came to class with my head set that he'd be biased over the western civilization. I don’t know. Anyhow, he mentioned something about where in the West they have open debates but in the East open debate is not encouraged. There's some truth to that...

That night however, Sofiya, Diana, and I had a little debate of our own in our room. (Oh, before that earlier we went to Alamanda in Putrajaya. We had to evacuate the building for three hours so it seem reasonable... :p) If you can remember, we're all social science students so we unconsciously got into quite a heat-up argument. I won’t go deep into it as it's quite a sensitive issue. I have to give props though to Diana for making me think. I won’t say I agree with her opinions, but at least it makes me think and that's much more beautiful than taking a debate personally. For that, thanks Diana. No worry okay?

And then today, Friday, I went home after my computer lab class. We learned about PowerPoint today and I have to do slides as homework this weekend. I like the lecturer though; he's very clear in his presentation. Good job! Earlier, I had my SAT Math class. I'm glad my tuition English teacher certainly did not lie to me. If the SAT vocabulary was like worlds apart from SPM, the SAT Math was like PMR's Math! We learn sum, subtract, multiply, n quotient today, believe it or not!

Today was my first ever experience driving long distance alone! (Pat my back :p) Okay, not really alone as my dad accompanied me with his bike but alone you know. As in I have to focus real hard on the road for over an hour without my usual noisy friends to keep me alert. And I did it! Yay Syaza!!! :p


p/s: I'd like to thank Hafiz aka demondust89 for helping me A LOT with my computer class assignment. The lecturer, Ms Chong is quite a tough lady that's why I want to buy the text book first but the 2008 edition will only arrive with my psychology book on Monday... So he was much help for the time being :)

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miszunderstood said...

ceh, mati² la akak ingat hang mmg balik sendiri. rupenya ada body guard. xpa naa, slow2 oke. drive carefully dear.