Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doubts Answered :)

So today was the first Monday when we (the Muslim students of social science) had the chance to 'test' our ridiculously packed schedule. We have classes from 8 in the morning up until 4 in the afternoon. Yup, u got it right, no lunch hour nor time for us to pray our Zuhur. But it was all settled. We made a deal with our Computer lecturer so that the next time she'll excuse us earlier so that we can pray. About lunch, not important eh?

But the story is this. The first class for today was chemistry. I came quite prepared as I’ve already read the whole note for Chapter One beforehand. While we were in class, discussing matter n all, I realized that I was so into it. I was! I was answering with all excitement n when a debate occurred between our lecturer n Valerie, a new friend of mine, I was actually really excited to figure it all out n my brain was really working extra hard. I'm not happy until I got my own conclusion. N then it hit me. I DO love science... Unlike most of my social science course mates, I actually DO love n am GOOD at it. I started to doubt my choice. "Should I have taken medicine?? Or engineering?? Or actuary??" Because I AM interested in science... I was a bit down for most of my morning...

After that we had to attend a briefing by MACEE (Malaysian-American Commission of Education Exchange) on how to get to an Ivy League school. The numbers were really.... scary. The percentage to get to COLUMBIA is about 11.6%. Many had questioned my choice and why I don’t want to go to Harvard. Well, Columbia has social science n is in New York. And then the talk went on with Datin Marlene asking what courses we're taking. When she saw hands shot for Social Science she seemed happy and said "Good! That's new!" :)

But the REAL reason for my re-affirming my choice was my first General Psychology class :) I admit, at first I was nervous. FINALLY, this is my chance to learn this subject that I’ve been doing my own research on since I was 12. I was really nervous, because most of the students in my class are my course mates and of course they ALL want to do the same thing. I'm afraid I'll fall behind or something. But when the class started I found out that I already have most of the answers Dr. Fulton asked! Then I started to get excited. How can I not?! I've been reading about the things he mentioned since six years ago! I totally got what he's talking about n am more confident to do it now.

I certainly didn't make the wrong decision. I may b good at science, n arts may b a new thing for me, but it's a challenge and is something I'm going to love doing most probably all my life :)


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