Tuesday, July 17, 2007


First of all, to NUR Luqman, (Hehe we like calling him Nur) if you really want to go to the States, you better get yourself familiarized with July the 7th and not 7th of July, okay? (Luqman was looking at my watch earlier and got confused about the date. As if there's a 17th month.)

Anyway today was kind of an interesting one I got to say (I guess things are not a routine if I gave it a chance.) For today our first class was calculus which is at 8 in the morning. I LOVE calculus. Heck, I love anything math, and everything calculative. That's why at my old school, I'd win without fight the votes from my friends for the job as treasurer. Anyway Mr. Fo asked us to do exercises on functions, which I've done during the weekend. Of course la me friends were like, "Don't you have anything better to do at home?" What can you say; I'm a freak for knowledge and love studying... And I love myself for that :) Anyway, while waiting for the rest of them to do the exercise, me and another classmate, Anna, slept. Seriously. At first I thought I'm going to rest my head (I had a headache...) but then I dozed off! Thank God Mr. Fo is so nice and cute! As long as we've done the exercise it's ok to sleep. When we finally started on a new topic, limits, I felt like he was being sarcastic with me and Anna because he said, "We can finish this soon so that you can go back and sleep."

But my friends and I didn't go back straight to our rooms but instead we went to have our brunch at the dining hall and discuss our ENL101 project. We have to do a research and the four of us decided on the topic FIRST CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE, THIRD CLASS MENTALITY. At first it was all okay while we were brainstorming but as the case with Diana, she started to get emotional when it comes to Malay's mentality. So we wrapped it up early.

Anyway, a picture of Eli and Diana:


In the afternoon I slept for three hours and then went to our Chemistry class at four o'clock. It's not a lecture but lab work. Later at six the four of us decided to went out of campus for dinner. But as we went out of the lab Za'im was walking next to me. So as we were talking while on our way to the surau, I felt like it would be rude if we don’t invite him to dinner so we asked if he wants to follow us and he said yes. We're fine with it as Za'im is like one of our gal pal. Anyway like I’ve said to him, he reminds me so much of Faiz!!! Faiz, i miss u! Let's go shopping together again soon!

So, as I was driving, we suddenly saw the one and only Mc'Donald around and Sofiya and Eli were shouting at the back! I'm like, what?! They're so the teruja at the sight of Mc'D kat Nilai! So that was our dinner... Now it's 8.30 and an hour from now is going to be Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives! The Common Room is going to be full!


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